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Monday, April 2, 2012

Scrapbook Supplies: Scoreboards

Scoring paper, makes unique and fun items when you are paper crafting.  You can make snowmen, Pumpkins, Bunny's, Rosettes and so much more.

I wanted to include some pictures of Scoreboards.  To start, I have the Stampin Up Score Board
This comes with the Stencil and three markers. You can purchase additional markers from a stampin up distributor.  At the top there is a little storage area that you can put the markers in.  I absolutely love my scoreboard.  My two personal, favorite scrapbook tool makers are Creative Memories and Stampin Up.  This scoreboard is high quality. My personal recommendation.

Creative Memories does not currently have a scoreboard.  I would not be surprised if they get one shortly.

Next one is Martha Stewart.  I do like the color of Martha Stewart's products however, I find them to break easier and sometimes hard to manage. I have used the scoreboard at Archivers (currently there are a few classes that they have going on that you can use the scoreboard). 

Crafter Companion also has a scoreboard. I have not tried this score board yet but the reviews I have read on the product have been positive.  This does come with an idea book and instructional DVD on how to use the scoreboard. 

Happy Scoring!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Scrabooking and Scrapbook Pages - FUN!

On Etsy there is a great team called Scrapbook Ninjas.  The team is made up of several Scrapbook/scrapbooking businesses and scrapbooking fans.  I would highly recommend that you head over to Scrapbook Ninja's and view many of the wonderful stores on the Etsy site.

To help support my fellow scrapbook artists with small businesses I put together this treasury.  Many wonderful products and stores. I highly recommend that you take some time to go visit these wonderful stores.

Etsy Treasury Pink and Precious

With spring in the air, especially since the weather this week has been so wonderful and fresh, as I was roaming through Etsy I found some beautiful items.  I ended up getting inspired by a few soft pink items and thus this treasury was born.

Please support small artists and crafters. Visit Etsy and find a treasure!