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Sunday, July 31, 2011

CM wonderful new products available as of July 1, 2011

The new Border maker! This is a great video to watch to help you see how to use the new product. It helps a lot to watch someone, at least for me it does. Fun new products to make your pages pop!

CM Cropping Demo

I love this product. Thanks to Creative Memories for inventive products and these wonderful how to use videos.


Perserving your quilts and scrapbooks

Growing up in a home with parents who were antique dealers, I learned the value of preserving any item.  This value has stuck with me for years and has become not only a passion but it has extended itself to my main hobbies of quilting and scrapbooking.

I always found it fascinating a that articles of clothing and quilts had survived over the centuries. My young mind, wondered why and how did these items survived.  Simply said, before the industrial revolution and the boom in industry and technology life was green. Green equals preservation.

The reason that antique quilts and clothing survived was because they were made from natural fibers such as cotton, linen, wool, and silk.  The natural fibers breath better, take longer to biodegrade if they are stored in an appropriate place, are more durable, and are renewable by their nature.  When using synthetic material, it is 100% man made are less durable, since they are synthetic the structure of the fibers are weaker, they don't tend to shrink, however the fibers wear out much faster.

Synthetic fibers began appearing in the late 1890's through the present. Polyester first appeared in the 1950's and gave cotton a run for it's money. However, in 100 more years the clothing and most of the quilts, unless it was produced from natural fibers, will not be around to see what the clothing and quilts were like from this time period.

With this in mind, when I am quilting or sewing anything I only use natural fibers. My favorite and the fiber I use the most is cotton. Cotton has a lower shrinkage rate, is durable and breathable which makes the material great for clothing and quilts. I use 100% cotton batting and thread when sewing my quilts. When a synthetic blend is used 50% cotton/50% polyester the synthetic fibers will eat away at the natural fibers making the positive qualities disappear.

Acid and ligin, every scrapbooker's nightmare, Why? Simply they biodegrade quickly and will ruin everything in it's pathway.  If you were to take a newspaper clipping and put it on an acid and ligin free sheet of paper, in time as the newspaper yellows the acid and ligin free paper will also begin to yellow and become more fragile and brittle.  Many of the old photo albums have PVC in the plastic and the pages have acid and ligin filled glue/paper. This is why the pictures begin to yellow.  Over time the pictures will be completely destroyed.

I always recommend that if you purchase a photo album please make sure that they are acid and ligin free and PVC free.  As a creative memories consultant and a scrapbooker I highly encourage preservation.  To ensure that your pictures survive many generations make sure all the paper, page protectors, and albums are acid, ligin, and PVC free.

Many times you will see on packages of paper or stickers that they are just acid free. The acid is very harmful however the ligin is more harmful and will yellow the paper and the pictures faster. All creative memories products are acid, ligin and PVC free. Many other companies are also acid, ligin, and PVC free; K & Company, Cricut/Sizzix paper goods, D&W, and many more. Read the labels. If it doesn't say best to not purchase the paper, albums ect.

I love brads however the metal in the brads are harmful for the paper as it will also slowly eat away at the paper and the pictures. I tend to use the  brads on cards and paperbag scrapbooks but not in my big albums.  If you use ribbon make sure it is cotton any synthetic will eat away at the paper and photos also.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Photos: ideas and thoughts

Recently, I was sent a box of pictures from my family. They were sent to me because I am the scrapbooker and I am also the family member who does genealogy.

As I went through the box I noticed the majority of the pictures didn't have the names of the individuals on the back of the photos or where the photo was taking place. I was so thankful that my grandmother wrote down names and in some cases actually wrote down what was going on in the photo.

I then realized, I haven't written on the backs of all my pictures. If something were to happen my children would wonder what was going on in the pictures and potentially who are those people. With this in mind my new project for myself is to date each photo, name the individuals in the picture and give a brief explanation.

Journaling is not only for your scrapbooks but for you photographs too. If they aren't in your album how will anyone know what is going on in the picture if it isn't on the back of the picture.

Ad I must advise please make sure to use a photo safe pencil or pen when writing on the back of you pictures. Creative Memories carries pens and pencils safe for writing on your photos.  You can also pick up pens or pencils from your local scrapbook store. Please ensure they are photo safe, also acid and ligin free.

Great Ideas with Creative Memories Products

Thursday, July 21, 2011

NEW CM product

Starting October 1, 2011 Creative Memories Consultants will be selling the NEW Cricut Expression 2! I am very excited for this opportunity.

As more information becomes avaliable I will update this post. Stay tuned for more information.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Aunty M's

Welcome to Aunty M's

I am a mother who happens to love quilting and scrapbooking. These hobbies turned into a business venture in 2004 when I started doing craft shows and my business, Aunty M's  came about. Thanks to the encouragement and support of my children, family and friends my talents for quilting, card making, and scrapbooking is shared with many.

Please feel free to visit my Etsy site and enjoy browsing or shopping. 

My intention with this blog is to share my knowledge, skills and crafts. Hopefully get some wonderful suggestions from friends, family, future friends and more.