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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Photos: ideas and thoughts

Recently, I was sent a box of pictures from my family. They were sent to me because I am the scrapbooker and I am also the family member who does genealogy.

As I went through the box I noticed the majority of the pictures didn't have the names of the individuals on the back of the photos or where the photo was taking place. I was so thankful that my grandmother wrote down names and in some cases actually wrote down what was going on in the photo.

I then realized, I haven't written on the backs of all my pictures. If something were to happen my children would wonder what was going on in the pictures and potentially who are those people. With this in mind my new project for myself is to date each photo, name the individuals in the picture and give a brief explanation.

Journaling is not only for your scrapbooks but for you photographs too. If they aren't in your album how will anyone know what is going on in the picture if it isn't on the back of the picture.

Ad I must advise please make sure to use a photo safe pencil or pen when writing on the back of you pictures. Creative Memories carries pens and pencils safe for writing on your photos.  You can also pick up pens or pencils from your local scrapbook store. Please ensure they are photo safe, also acid and ligin free.

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