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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Artist and Crafter Spotlights

In an effort to introduce new artists, crafter, etsian, or small businesses, I will start having a weekly spotlight. The first spotlight will be January 1, 2012 to January 7, 2012.  If you are intersested in being a  spotlighted artist, crafter, etsian, or small business I just have two requests.

1.  Follow this Blog.
2. Like my facebook page at:!/pages/Aunty-Ms/149811541738807

Once you follow and like me. send me an email to:  In the email please provide me with your name, facebook page (as I will like you too), your business information, website (if more then one) and email. I will then put your name in for the random drawing to be "Artist and Crafter Spotlights".  Weekly I will pull a name and you can win a spot.

If you win a spot I will send you interview questions. I will do up a blog with your answers and add pictures f rom your store. If you would like any specific pictures you can add those in your interview question responses.

Once you are selected I will blog your interview and post it on my facebook page. I will also twitter it on my twitter account (you are more then happy to follow me on twitter at:!/AuntyM_s ).

I also recommend you tell all your friends.

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